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Get to know Jill

Certified Master Empowerment & Life Coach

Hey Beautiful,


I'm Jill Farren, Certified Master Empowerment and Life Coach and founder of Good to GREAT - from the inside out. 


In many ways, I had always defined myself by my career. I worked many years as a top-level account executive for the cosmetic giants and then as a medical account executive in cosmeceuticals. I loved what I did, loved working with the women, and loved helping people feel beautiful, confident, and empowered.


And then health challenges blindsided me... 


It started with surgery on my bladder, a hysterectomy, and a rectal repair. While in recovery, I was told I would be using a catheter for the remainder of my life and that I had something called Interstitial Cystitis or "Painful Bladder Syndrome." 


The most upsetting part for me often came when trying to get answers or solutions from doctors. Dealing with the medical industry on my own was not easy. I was not only in physical pain but in emotional pain, too, and my mental health was suffering. My weight was mounting, my body felt like it had betrayed me, and I had no idea how to deal with the fear that raced throughout me.


Yet something deep within knew I was worth more than this; I deserved more than I was getting, and it was time for me to become my own advocate. I knew no one was coming to save me, but maybe I could save myself.


And this set me on a brand new trajectory... 


I learned a new way of eating, moving, and caring for myself from the inside out. What baffles me most now is that I could never imagine back then that one day, I would look back and realize my health crisis was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am who I am today because of it, and although I would never wish it on anyone, I love who I’ve become.


When I began to put in the effort, it was a domino effect; one thing led to another. The transformation was incredible. I lost over 50 pounds and started showing up for myself in almost every way, and that's when EVERYTHING CHANGED! 


The best part is that this journey led me toward finding the love of my life, Bob, and we now live in a gorgeous beach house in a little hamlet in Tiny, Ontario, Canada. I LOVE hanging out with my three successful and happy grown-up children: Kristan, who is 38, Katy, who is 37, and Max, who is 27. Life has never been better! 


If you are ready to get clearer on your health path, to look and feel your best, to manage your mind, and learn how to retrain your brain to serve you in becoming your most vibrant, empowered, and focused Self right now, you're in the right place. 


I'm reaching out to you and inviting you to join me. You don't have to take this journey alone. I'm here to empower you with what I have mastered because you deserve to start building your GREAT life today - from the inside out! I got you. And you got this!


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My Non - Negotiables

I live by these values in my business and life

Sincere Integrity

listens with committment

I only teach what I have mastered myself

Confidentiality / No judgement of any kind

What I Specialize In

Feelings, Emotions & Mind Management

Get your mojo back, get your romance back, regardless of your health issues. Feel VIBRANT, feel better than you ever have before. 

Expertise in a variety of women health concerns from the waist down

My broad interest and expertise come from navigating ALL of the issues from the waist down, from prolapse, osteoarthritis, rectocele, self-catheterization and so much more!

Skincare To Get Your GLOW Back

I established a 35 year career in the Beauty industry specializing in make-up and skincare. As an Account Exec I was calling on plastic surgeons and dermatologists, attending trainings in the field and I LOVED every minute of it. 

Setting Health & Wellness Goals

Helping you get clear on your health, and mental health plan to get you where you want to be in life.

Reiki Healing

In person

I offer Reiki Sessions - a Japanese form of energy healing to encourage emotional and / or physical healing.


Take a look at my blog if you are interested in getting to know a bit more about me (be warned there are some funny stories in there)!


Featured on the Good Neighbour Podcast

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