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Life Coaching with Jill Farren

Hey Beautiful,


I’m Jill Farren, Certified Master Empowerment and Life Coach, and founder of Good to GREAT - From the inside out.  I'm so glad you are here.


My coaching is based on 3 Non-Negotiables:

1. Sincere Integrity

2. I only teach what I have mastered myself

3. Confidentiality / No judgement of any kind


Meet Jill

Certified Master Empowerment & Life Coach

What I Specialize In

Feelings, Emotions & Mind Management

Skincare to get your GLOW back

Expertise in a variety of women health concerns from the waist down

Reiki Healing

In person

Setting Health and Wellness Goals

Anythin Is Possible

Anything Is Possible!

Julia Child became a household name and celebrity at the age of 51! It is never too late to start a business, follow your dreams and become who you want to be!
Yoga Mates

Take your life from good to GREAT with a program that heals you from the inside out!

Jill Farren is a distinguished leader in the field of personal transformation, constantly inspiring and uplifting those who turn to her for guidance. Her approach is fueled by an authentic desire to help women who seek to transform their lives and achieve lasting change. Jill's commitment to her clients is unmatched, and she consistently goes above and beyond to help them create the fulfilling lives and optimal health they deserve. Her unwavering motivation, determination, drive, and tenacity are truly remarkable. Jill is a rare gem that you won't find anywhere else!”

Crystal Andrus Morissette, 6x Canadian + international bestselling author featured on, founder of The S.W.A.T. Institute

Jill has a strong understanding of sales and coaching skills. As the Regional Training Manager she has taken a leadership role across the country in ensuring that the Valeant Canada brands are front and centre at retail.

As a seasoned Territory Manager, Jill has migrated her knowledge of retail to an expanded role as coach and mentor to Territory Managers across Canada.

She is a valuable asset to the sales team at Valeant.

- Carrie Darvill

“Jill has been an amazing Trainer to work with; she is well organized and has a wealth of knowledge within the skin care and make-up industry. She has such enthusiasm for educating people. I truly enjoyed working along side her.”

- Sarah Adjepong-Duodu

“A very professional, energetic and detail oriented sales territory manager, Jill consistently delivered the highest performing sales increases in the country, accepted new challenges with enthusiasm, mentored her peers and always strived to take the business to a new level. Jill led the Regional Training Managers in the development of product knowledge and selling materials, implementing creative training programs and presenting exceptional training sessions. I highly recommend Jill as a Sales and Training Manager.”

- Kathie Elliot

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