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My Favourite Serums

All skins and especially a mature skin will benefit huge when using serums before a moisturizer. Generally in a serum the molecule is much smaller to penetrate in to the skin deeper than a moisturizer.

Choose a serum that has hyaluronic acid which holds 1,000 x it’s own weight in water locking in the moisture. Also strengthens the skin. Peptides are still cutting edge in helping with fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides work to rebuild and repair damaged skin to produce collagen.

My Favourite Serums

This serum I use 2-3 days a week. I don’t use it everyday as it is one of the pricier ones on the market but it does the work.

It has Vitamin C (10%) , Vitamins E and a combination of the peptides. Fine lines are smoothed and the skin is soft glowing and hydrated

This one is rather new. I have tried 3 days per week for 2 weeks and it is fabulous. Good price point too. I love that due to it’s composition it actually helps any other products you use on your face to be even more effective.

It is great for people with hyperpigmentation and the appearance of dark spots. Amazing for reducing the appearance of fine lines and loss of firmness. The skin texture looks great.

Hyaluronic acid serum - Amazing ingredients

I have used this one for a couple of years here and there. I love this one for the hydrating, glowing results but also because this one can be used close to eye area and right on the lips. It’s oil free and paraben-free. Crazy good hydration. Minimizes appearance of pores and I have big pores.

I bought this 1 month ago at a specialty store and it was a delightful surprise. My skin looks like I have just left a spa. The scent is gorgeous, the price point is phenomenal and the ingredients are all natural.

I’m in love with this one too.

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